The magic of the dance

Beautiful movement –  a great emotion!


Energy at Rest | Provide Your Mind, Body & Spirit With Downtime to Recharge Your Batteries

If there’s one thing you usually run short of during the holidays, (besides money and time,) it’s energy. “We need a source to reconnect to when our energy battery has drained a little,” says Michael Finklestein, MD, who practices integrated and holistic medicine in Bedford, New York. “If that source is available, you can use all the energy you want.” That source can be found in changing the way you move, eat and rest.

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Let’s talk about…LPG

Paul Guitay, its creator, wanted to mobilize tissue by mechanizing and automating the actions of his physical/massage therapist.
For years, the treatment was used to treat damaged muscle tissue, scars, and burns before its other surprising beauty and well-being virtues were discovered.

Today, the applications for Endermologie® include beauty, sports, conjunctive therapy, and osteomuscular therapy.

Body Care with Lipomassage™ :
Targets skin aging, fat storage, cellulite, and lost shape.
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Face Care with Endermolift™ :
Targets the complexion, smoothes wrinkles, and tightens skin, particularly around the shape of the face.
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Endermotherapie™ :

  • Treatment for connective tissue, targets scars, swelling, and lymphatic and venal circulatory problems.
  • Treatment for osteomuscular therapy, targets stiff joints, muscle diseases, tendons, and ligaments.

Endermosport™ :
Prepares an athlete’s muscles for sports before exercise and improves recovery afterwards.

You can find Endermologie® in physical therapy practices, cosmetic medicine practices, beauty institutes, and LPG-equipped spas. Find the LPG Center closest to you here
An Endermologie® professional center must use LPG machines (Cellu M6®Lipo M6®Lift M6®) and be staffed with practitioners trained in LPG techniques.
Endermologie® for personal use can be performed at home with Wellbox®.
The contraindications of Endermologie® are generally those associated with manual massage:

  • Malignant cancer
  • Infection, rash
  • Illness with inflammation
  • Anticoagulant treatment
  • Blood disease

For any questions, please ask your practitioner or doctor for advice.

Although they are intense, Endermologie Body and Face should never hurt!
Instead, during and after the session, you have a true sense of well-being! If the session is painful, the setting is incorrect. Do not hesitate to speak with your practitioner.

The king massage

Classic massage treatments

Massage techniques – a great way to relieve stress and strengthen your body.

Some of the effects of massage treatment:


– stress and fatigue alleviation

– pain elimination

– stretch marks and cellulitis reduction

– body volume decrease

– strengthening of the blood vessels

– general tone improvement

– metabolism improvement

Massage treatments

Swedish massage relieves fatigue, improves circulation processes, and gives you a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Back Massage

This is a massage treatment aimed at relaxing the back muscles, ameliorating the intervertebral discs functioning, improving blood circulation and restoring the mobility of all the back parts.

Modeling Lypossage

Modeling Lypossage brings lifting effect, size reduction, improving of the skin firmness and muscle tone, stretch marks decrease. Has a targeted impact on the fat tissue, catalyzing lypolysis (fat burning) and metabolic processes.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

In the course of this treatment weight decreases, skin tone improves, cellulitis visibly diminishes, and the lymph flow is stimulated. This kind of massage employs smooth squeezing strokes from the periphery to the center of the body, and improves tissue liquids flow, diminishes swelling, clears passive venous congestion and strengthens the blood vessels.


Stone Therapy

This is a treatment that utilizes water-heated volcanic basalt stones to apply pressure and deep heat to the body tissues to dissolve muscular tension.

За красотата

За красотата си струва да се потрудим. Би било прекрасно да поговорим за най-съвременните методи в грижата за красотата на тялото. Водещи компании провеждат кампании за популяризиране на техники и апаратура, които подпомагат естествената красота на тялото, без да се налагат или използват естетични хирургични корекции и интервенции.

Много приятна гледка е да видиш как един човек остарява достолепно, красиво и със стил. Едно обгрижено лице, поддържана коса или тренирано тяло носят индивидуалност, чар, привлекателност и излъчване, които нито едно коригирано лице или тяло не може да има. Ние не сме против съвременната естетична медицина, но ние се придържаме към принципа за натурална и естествена красота.

Преценете сами:

Това лице

или това,

или това.

Понякога статутът на публична личност задължава, но корекциите е необходимо да бъдат с мярка, както в случая с Брад Пит,

но най добре е да заложим на естествената хубост.

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