Food Diary of a Fashion Model

New York Magazine has listed the 7-day food diaries of four people in the fashion industry; two models, fashion editor, and producer.

Here are a few examples (enlightening to say the least):

21 Year old female model (day 4)

10:00 A.M. Home
One bottle Kombucha tea. It’s a fermented Chinese tea. Supposedly it has all of these properties for the immune system, metabolism support, digestion. One apple.

1:45 P.M. Clinton Street Baking Company
Bowl of lobster bisque. I only stared at the biscuit that came with it.

8:00 Cube 63
Two gyoza, one piece scallop (no rice), one spicy scallop roll, one Clinton roll. Again, low-sodium soy sauce. I love sushi. It’s lean protein, it’s good for you. About a liter of water throughout the day.

25 yr old Male Model and Personal Trainer (day 1)

5:30 A.M. Home
Bowl of oatmeal with flaxseeds, banana, skim milk, and a scoop of nonfat Greek yogurt and honey. One glass of water, and a tall cup of black or green tea. I have this meal just to get me out the door. This way I won’t be ravenous a few hours later.

8:30 The Coffee Shop, Union Square
Five-egg-white-tomato-and-spinach omelette with goat cheese and a piece of multigrain toast. One glass of water.

NOON Cafeteria
Turkey meat loaf with Brussels sprouts and sweet-potato mash. One unsweetened iced tea.

3:00 P.M. On a shoot
A few pieces of pork tenderloin and about ten pieces of asparagus as a snack. One espresso.

6:00 Equinox
A protein shake with peanut butter, banana, and spirulina. I like the spirulina because it has phytovitamins. I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma last year, so I’m really big on anti-oxidants and keeping my body clean.

8:00 Home
Whole grilled branzino with wilted kale and fava beans that my wife made. One peppermint tea.

Fashion Editor

7:30 A.M. Home
Two 1,000-mg. Emergen-C with seven mineral ascorbates and 32 mineral complexes, one ounce of Super KMH, Mona Vie (berry extract), aloe juice, chlorophyll, two Nature’s Way Fenu-Thyme, one advance natural FloroMax, three Wellness Formula tablets, twenty drops Super Lysine Plus, two Theraveda Usha daytime stress formula tablets.

10:30 Sant Ambroeus
Milanese eggs and iced skim latte.

2:00 P.M. Patrik Ervell
Bottle of water and glass of white wine.

3:00 Waiting for the United Bamboo Show

4:00 Waiting for the Diane Von Furstenberg Show

5:00 Waiting for the Luella Bartley Show

6:00 Waiting for the Phillip Lim Show

7:00 Waiting for the Tuleh Show

8:30 At a Friend’s London Terrace Apartment Watching TV
Two glasses of red wine, Camembert and crackers, three olives during Prince’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

11:30 Home
Repeat Fenu-Thyme, Wellness Formula tablets, and add Theraveda Nisha nighttime stress formula.


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