Cellu M6 avalanche at Courchevel, the most prestigious ski resort in France.

newsLPG®’s world-renowned slimming and anti-aging technologies, present in over 110 countries and treating 200,000 women every day, are now available at Courchevel 1850, one of the most prestigious ski resorts in France.

Le Cheval Blanc, Les Airelles, Le K2*, and Le Chabichou* now offer LPG®’s 100% natural and  effective face and body care to their distinguished clients.
Lipomassage ™ (Cellu M6® body technique) acts at the heart of fat cells to destock where it’s most needed. More than 10 body treatments are available to perfect your figure and fight against heavy legs. And after an intense day of skiing nothing relieves those after-piste aches and pains better than Endermo recovery care.
Though invigorating, the mountain environment is harsh on the skin, with low humidity levels and temperatures added to bright sunlight. The skin is under attack and needs effective care. To avoid holiday skin damage, Endermolift™ is the answer. The Cellu M6® face technique stimulates fibroblasts and awakens natural production of your collagen and elastin. Anti-aging results are immediately visible: a lifting effect, and natural glowing complexion.
Enter the world of LPG® and make ​​mechano- stimulation your new beauty secret.
* These two hotel spas are also equipped with our latest product, the HUBER® MOTION LAB, which, combined with the Cellu M6®, can turn your fat into muscles in double-time.


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