PAPAYA For your Health!

Papaya contains the digestive enzyme papain and therefore valuable for aiding digestion.
The unique protein-digesting enzymes; papain and chymopapain have been shown to help lower inflammation and to improve healing from burns in addition to helping in digestion of proteins. The antioxidant nutrients found in papaya, including vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene, are also very good at reducing inflammation.

The ripe fruit is easily digestible and prevents constipation.
Case studies indicate that this food taken alone for two or three days has a highly beneficial tonic effect upon the stomach and intestines. Continue reading


Целулит – бич за красивото тяло

Целулитът е натрупване на отпадъчни продукти, вода и мазнина в подкожния клетъчен слой. С разрастването си той притиска кръвоносните и лимфни съдове.

Как се образува? Причините са заседнал начин на живот и нездравословно хранене. Това води до промяна на състоянието в определените хормонални зони в женския организъм, където се натрупват подкожни мазнини и се задържа лимфна течност.

Как се третира? Само с един метод не може да се постигне почти никакъв ефект. Антицелулитната програма трябва да съчетае няколко направления. На първо място е необходимо задължително да се спазва някакъв хранителен режим, да се спортува поне два пъти седмично или да се правят разходки по минимум 20 минути на ден и, да се направи програма в козметичен салон, водена от специалист. Би било чудесно ако всичко това е съпътствано с третиране на кожата с качествени продукти у дома.

Поддържане на килограмите След като се приключи с антицелулитните процедури, е много важно да се задържат килограмите за дълго време. За това е необходима желязна дисциплина и здравословен начин на живот. Дамите, които се подложат на някои от по-долу изброените терапии след това следва да се хранят по-малко и по-често, да не натоварват организма с тежки храни (особено след 18-19 часа), да наблягат на плодовете, зеленчуците, минералната вода и пълнозърнестия хляб, да спортуват поне два пъти седмично, да не пропускат разходките и да посещават козметичните салони за поддържащи процедури. Continue reading

Tai chi benefits people with chronic health problems like Parkinsons, arthritis and fibromyalgia

Recent studies conducted by Fushong Li of the Oregon Research Institutein Eugene, Oregon have determined that the ancient Chinese practice of tai chi can a positive impact on those afflicted with Parkinson’s disease (PD).
Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative neurological condition that usually afflicts people from age 50 and up. But younger cases do occur, the most famous being actor Michael J. Fox. PD affects around one million in the United States. As is the case with other neurological disorders, its rate is increasing. An estimated 60,000 new cases of PD are diagnosed annually.
Tremors of the hands, slight head oscillations, muffled speech, and lack of facial expression changes or frozen face are common symptoms of PD.If you’ve ever seen interviews or other visuals of Muhammad Ali after his retirement from boxing, you will have witnessed some of Parkinson’s main manifestations.

Did you know? Oregano delivers more antioxidants than blueberries, oranges or apples

Oregano, a common ingredient in Italian and Mexican cuisine, comes from the leaves of an herb native to the Mediterranean (not to be confused with Mexican oregano, native to the Americas), is one of the most concentrated antioxidant sources ever studied. According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, its antioxidant activity is between three and 20 times higher than that of any other herb. Even well-known antioxidant-containing fruits fail to measure up: Oregano has four times the antioxidant activity of blueberries, 12 times that of oranges and 42 times that of apples.

While you can get some of these benefits from just cooking regularly with oregano, a more concentrated form may sometimes be required. That’s why the essential oil of oregano is a common remedy for bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. It’s so effective — and tastes so good — that some restaurants actually sprinkle oregano oil over their salad bars to prevent them from becoming breeding grounds for bacteria. And because of the high antioxidant content in the oil, it probably keeps the salad fresh for longer, too!

I have personally used oregano as emergency medicine to completely eliminate digestive distress after eating what I found out was contaminated food. In fact, oregano kills e.coli, salmonella and virtually all other food-borne pathogens.

Personally, I don’t travel without it.

by: Mike Adams